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3 Essential Steps To Taking Back Your Power and Start Living the Life You Want
After Surviving An Abusive Partner

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What we'll cover in this masterclass:

Do You Have Emotional Trauma?

Identifying symptoms and how emotional trauma may be showing up in your life and how you can overcome it.

Keys To Find Your Voice and Self-Worth

Standing up for yourself and your beliefs is difficult, especially if you were told time and time again, that what you think doesn’t matter.  Or… you were too afraid because of the consequences of speaking your mind.  Either way, finding your voice and your truth is so important to becoming your authentic self and getting what you want for your life.

Breaking The Cycle Of Abuse In Your Life


I share with you the #1 thing that changed everything for me!

  ✅ And so much more...

About Me

My name is Cheryl and I also a survivor of Domestic Violence.  I know all too well, how hard to find your voice again and stand up for yourself after leaving an abusive relationship.  If you are anything like I was, I was just trying to survive each day. 

      I barely had any self-esteem, I had trouble setting consequesnces with my kids.   I had many relationships where I was just with someone because I was trying to fill the loneliness I had.    

     The bottom line is that I didn't think I was worthy of anything better.  And, unfortunately, that is what happens after enduring a relationship where you are told time and time again you aren't worthy.     

     Well, I'm here to tell you, that you are!  You are courageous, special and have a light that needs to shine and the world needs you.  You deserve the life you want, just because you are you!    

     So, if you are ready to heal from the pain, find your voice, regain self-confidence and inner strength and no longer let fear lead your life, then you won't want to miss this masterclass.   

     I was able to overcome the abuse, find my voice and stand up for myself, and thrive in my life

... and so can you!

Special bonus for attending live!
See you there! 

Cheryl Harbison 
Precious Works LLC
Certified Life Coach
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