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Meet Cheryl

Master Certified Life Coach/Reiki Master and Trainer

After finding the courage to leave an abusive marriage, raising my 2 children as a single mother at an early age, going to college at age 29 to get my degree in Computer Information Systems and working as an IT professional for 15+ years, I felt like something was missing.  Even though I had overcome many obstacles and learned many life lessons, I still felt the longing to make a difference in this world.  While I had a successful career and everything I needed, it was not making me happy.

That is when I started to awaken to my true calling.  I had become curious about my spirituality and what my purpose on this Earth was.  In that searching I discovered Reiki and went through my trainings for attunements in Reiki I, II, Master trainer and then Master teacher.  Healing people and animals felt natural to me. 

I also discovered the Passion Test while researching on how to find your purpose in life.  Part of my life in the business world was to train on software, which I loved doing.  Doing workshops and 1:1 training to help others was something I wanted to carry into my own business.  I have a deep desire to help others who may be struggling in different areas of their life and find the happiness as I have. 


I have learned tools to help recognize and change limiting beliefs as well as how to go deeper to find out what is really going on when you seem to have the same things come up or happen repeatedly.  Healing from a divorce is difficult and it took me many years to overcome and move forward from it.  My goal is to help women move through it quickly so they can live the BEST LIFE they can!  I have become a Master Certified Life Coach so I can do just that.


Life is a journey and I’m still learning and ever evolving myself.  Let’s take this journey together.  


​The Passion Test is recommended to be taken every 6 months, due to the evolution of things changing in our lives.  Here are my current Top 5 Passion:

When my life is ideal…………I am

  • Happy, peaceful and completely trust in a Higher Power

  • In loving, supportive relationships

  • Free to live my life as I please

  • Making a difference enriching people’s life through coaching and healing

  • Playing with my grandchildren

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