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For Women Who Are Ready
To Get Over The Divorce and Abuse  
And Start Living Their Best Life Ever…

JOIN OUR FREE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP NOW... And Receive Your Free Training - Take Back Your Power!

  • Get Access To FREE

  • New Topics Monthly 

  • Live Training 2x/month to learn the skills to quickly move through the pain and become resilient, empowered and true to you!

  • Support from other women going through the same struggles...

  • and much more!

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FREE TO BE ME - Facebook Group is designed to help as many women as possible free themselves from the darkness and associated aftermath of divorce and abuse.   To help you move beyond the pain and suffering you are struggling with, to become the strong, courageous, empowered woman I know is inside of you!

What you’ll gain from inside the group…

FREE  Live trainings with new topics monthly - self love, overcoming loneliness, how to trust again, how to heal your heart, how to understand what you truly want for your life, setting boundaries, how to start living in abundance and manifesting your dreams and so much more!


• AND you’ll have the opportunity to share, connect and engage with other like-minded women on the same journey.

Special promotions and pricing for my signature program, 1 on 1 coaching, or any workshops, like “The Passion Test” - the #1 tool used today to help find your passions in life and how to make them come true. 

Bonus value added content.

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My name is Cheryl Harbison

I'm a certified Life Coach and Reiki Haler and Master.  I am also divorced and a survivor of an abusive marriage.  After many years of struggling, I have learned the tools and techniques to guide you to finding balance, joy and abundance.  You don't have to just endure each day with struggle, pain and loneliness.  You can live your life with ease, peace and happiness.  You can have the life you desire and rediscover who you truly are! 

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