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Helping Women Heal
and Find Strength and Empowerment
After Leaving An Abusive Relationship, So You Never Become A Victim Again!

Image by Denys Nevozhai
Do you want to start living your best life?
  • Is juggling work, home, kids and finances becoming too much to handle?
  • Do you have feelings of shame and failure or fear of rejection?
  • Did your ex abuse or cheat on you so you've lost your self worth?
  • Is your ex "Missing in Action" with kids and finances?
  • Does your ex try to push your buttons and make you feel like all you do is argue?
  • Are your kids acting out or having physical and emotional issues?
  • Do you feel like just locking yourself in your room and crying all day?
  • Are you indulging in unhealthy behaviors like overeating, drinking, sex or drugs?
  • Have you had one or more relationship that seems to go no where or causes issues with the kids.

If you can relate to one or more of those, join my FREE Facebook group where other women just like you are learning how to get their life back. 

Do you want happiness in your life? 

Do you want the confidence to go after all your desires? 

Do you want to become resilient so no one can stop you from being your best self? 

Do you want to know the secrets to manifesting everything you ever wanted?   

You are not broken, you just may need a little guidance.   

Meet Cheryl Harbison

Certified Life Coach/Reiki Master and Trainer

Cheryl Harbison, Owner and CEO

What I Specialize In

Life Coaching for Women

Finding Your Passions

Mastering Self Love

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Training

Level I, II, III

Aerial Boat Shot

The journey to HAPPINESS and HEALING is here.  Allow me to be your GUIDE.

Cindy MacCullough
"Cheryl has a true calling for coaching. I felt safe and heard in our sessions. She helped me work through some very deep emotions surrounding several challenging situations I'm facing. Her support helped me see my life from a new and lighter perspective. I'm looking forward to continuing my growth with her guidance."

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